Wednesday, December 28, 2011

0006 CD packaging : Rabbit children

Rabbit children

This fiery album art for Rabbit Children has a vintage and creepy vibe that seems to have been inspired in part by the film The Ring. This packaging is heavily reliant on its illustration which is strong. The images are quite striking and contain a great deal of personality. This is one CD package that I’m sure was well received by everyone who appreciates the visual art that goes into music.

The CD package industry may be on the decline but that decline also creates an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. For their new EP, Rabbit Children wanted to create a CD package that could both be used as a self promotion piece and appeal to music fans. The limited edition letterpress printed package, which includes an insert with illustrations inspired by the band’s music, was both sold at shows and sent to music journalists, radio stations and promoters, making it stand out from the typical CD comps and digital download cards.

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