Sunday, January 8, 2012

0018 CD packaging : Helvetica 50 Years

Helvetica 50 Years

Designed by Nuno D’Almeida, Portugal.

0017 CD packaging : Packaging De CD By Elie Monge

Packaging De CD By Elie Monge

With the aim to replace the traditional plastic CD cases, Uqam packaging class Elie Monge has created a cd case that is made of recycled and recyclable cardboard. The case comes in a detachable continuous strip that is adaptable to the number f CDs that is going to be packaged. The case is very slim and stylish that many will surely love to carry wherever they maybe. In addition, cardboards that are destined to our landfills will dramatically be minimized. With this product, everybody will now have the chance to save the environment without the need to compromise their love for fashion, style, and music.

0016 CD packaging : Delorentos - In Love With Detail

Delorentos - In Love With Detail

In Love with Detail is the debut album by Delorentos released on 21 April 2007. It reached #7 in the Irish Singles Chart and was subsequently nominated for the Choice Music Prize for Irish Album of the Year 2007

Monday, January 2, 2012

0015 CD packaging : MADLIB Yesterdays Universe

MADLIB Yesterdays Universe

 Madlib's Yesterdays Universe releases are heavily influenced by the culture of 60s-70s jazz vinyl, and we've taken pains to present a true mini-gatefold LP-style package for the CD, with thick cardboard, a “tip-on” gatefold photo, and printed inner sleeve. The double LP is also gatefold. Cover painting by Radek Drutis, design by Jeff Jank.

0014 CD packaging : GNARLS BARKLEY 2008 The Odd Couple

GNARLS BARKLEY 2008 The Odd Couple

0013 CD packaging : Autechre’s Quaristice

Autechre’s Quaristice
Autechre’s Quaristice was made entirely with steel
Limited to 1000 copies ;limited edition steel packaging for Autechre’s 9th album.

The packaging design is by The Designers Republic and I don’t there is another company that could sell this packaging design into a client or another band like Autechre that would buy it. Looking at the cover and then being told it’s a TDR piece you say “oh yeah I can see that”. Not knocking their work (big balls to do that) but it fits their M.O if you know what I mean.

If I had to describe the album cover to a blind person I’d say it's as if a chronic stutterer were in court and the court reporter was transcribing their testimony verbatim with white san serif type on a flat blue background.

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